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10 Steps to Score a Date with a Cosplayer

10 Steps to Score a Date with a Cosplayer

10 Steps to Score a Date with a Cosplay Guy or Girl

Cosplay is gaining popularity as geek culture goes mainstream and some of the costumes are awesome. Here are ten steps to score a date with a cosplay guy or girl.

Step 1:

Identify the character being cosplayed. Most cosplayers appreciate any kind of positive feedback about their costumes, but it blows their mind when you get exactly who they`re supposed to be especially when it`s an obscure or modified character.

Step 2:

Say hello. Distinguish yourself from the mob by making a sincere attempt to meet the person behind the costume. Compliment their character choice and let them know you totally dig their craftsmanship. Cosplayers are artists, after all.

Step 3:

Ask about their process. Creating elaborate costumes takes a whole lot of time and plenty of dedication and is much more than a simple hobby for most cosplayers. If you like a particular piece of gear or notice a sweet personalized touch to a popular character, mention it!

Step 4:

Ask if they`ll be in any events. Most cons these days have a cosplay sort of masquerade where all con-goers are encouraged to don their best and most elaborate costumes in a show of ultimate fandom. Hardcore cosplayers usually bring more than one outfit and participate in various events.

Step 5:

Ask about who they are outside the con and the costumes. As serious as it is, cosplaying is still a hobby and most do it on the side rather than as their main vocation. Once you`ve built up your geek bond, it`s time to dig a little deeper and see who they are as real people.

Step 6:

Ask which events they`ll be attending as themselves. That is to say, who are they going to see talk? What got them excited about the con besides the opportunity to show off their awesome cosplay skills? You`ll learn about their interests and snake an opportunity to happen to run into them again later.

Step 7:

By now you should have `serendipitously` run into your cosplay crush a few times and you should be building a report. It`s time to start putting in some real time. The next time you see them, ask where they`re going next and if possible, if you can walk them there or join them. Bonus: If you`re with a group of friends, reverse it and invite them to hang out with your crew.

Step 8:

Time to get their info. People at cons love to stay in touch and are really open to meeting people with similar interests, so don`t be nervous. It`s just a few digits and maybe a Facebook or Tumblr contact. It`s also essential for step 10.

Step 9:

Now that you know what they like, you`re in perfect shape to grab a quick, cute souvenir. You don`t have to spend a lot: cons always have artists, artisans, and collectors with great deals on awesome odds and ends. Grab something cool and unique and just a tiny bit adorable for the next time you see them. A tiny gift goes a long way!

Step: 10

Ask them out! Let them know you think they`re pretty awesome and you`d like to get to know them somewhere a little less hectic. A cafe is a perfect first date destination for your cosplay crush to get to know you.

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