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5 Days to a better relationship | free to join

5 Days to a better relationship | free to join

5 Days to a better relationship

All relationships require effort to keep them going, but tuning up your twosome isn`t as hard as you might think. {pb}If you feel like you and your man need a little boost, we`re here to help. We`ve come up with a five day, no-fail plan to take your relationship from lackluster to loved-up in less than a week. Day one: Recreate your favorite date We want to make sure your week of relationship maintenance starts on a high note, so we suggest recreating your favorite or most memorable date. It`s a fun and effective way to get your twosome back on track and ready for a whole new start. Think back to a date that really stands out – whether it was your very first one, your fifth or something you did just a few years ago that really made you happy. Now do your best to recreate the experience to the best of your ability. It doesn`t have to be exact – the point is merely to recapture a feeling or certain emotion brought on by that date. This project will help you get into the headspace needed to work on your relationship. Mainly it will be a reminder of why you`re together and why you want to make what you have even better. Fun fall date ideas >> Day two: Go somewhere totally new Today it`s time to bust out of relationship boredom, and the easiest way to do that is to go somewhere neither of you has ever been. Maybe it`s a restaurant, a wine bar or maybe it`s a museum exhibit or gallery space you`ve been meaning to check out. The point is to force yourselves out of your mutual comfort zone by doing something fresh and new. It can be so easy to do the same things day in and day out that you forget there are other options. This exercise will help you realize ther

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