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7 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters

7 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters

Female characters in comic books have certainly come a long way since their early days. Most served as plot devices to further the better known male superheroes and characters, acting as nothing more than a damsel in distress or attractive love interest.

Over the years their roles have come to play larger and more significant roles in the comic book universes they inhabit. While their sex appeal is undeniably still there, a lot more characters have developed into badass female heroes who also happen to be smoking hot- making them even hotter in our books.

Here are the7 hottest comic book characters of all time (check out our superhero villains here)!

Black Canary

Known for her love interest with the Green Arrow and her own group of all female heroes in the popular Birds of Prey Comics, Black Canary is the perfect balance of looking insanely hot yet still being a total badass fighter who can hold her own.

Her costume isn`t too bad either, with black leather, fishnets and the right amount of flesh on display is a ridiculously hot look. The blonde hair also adds to her seemingly innocent appearance.

Emma Frost

Although she can turn her skin in near indestructible diamonds, we prefer to take a look at her in her natural skin. Frost has undeniable beauty, something she uses to her advantage on a regular basis (who could blame her!).

Her costumes have long been designed to leave little to the imagination, yet it is all part of a plan to make her enemies overlook her. There will most definitely be some looking anyway...

Poison Ivy

Despite being almost entirely green and carrying some extra foliage, Ivy still remains one the hottest female villains. While we are not sure if her ferocious love of plant life is an attractive feature, that red hair will certainly do the trick.

Black Widow

Being one of the few female Avengers sees Black Widow getting into her fair share of battles against endless would-be wrongdoers , yet she still manages to look amazing every time she suits up for battle. Her frighteningly efficient combat skills also showcase she isn`t one to be messed with, so she isn`t just a (very) pretty face. Another redhead too!


One of the core members of the world`s most famous mutants, the X-Men, Storm not only has some of the coolest powers in comic books, but is also one of its hottest superheroes. She has not only led the X-Men on several occasions, she was also married to king of Wakanda and Avenger in waiting, Black Panther. Her strong and fearless character makes her that bit hotter, as does the elegance and class she brings to every story.

Wonder Women

The most iconic female comic book character and one of the hottest ever, Wonder Women as being flying the flag for female comic book characters for over 50 years. Her outfit is one of comics most memorable and iconic, thanks in no part to just how well it compliments her amazing figure and their more risqué nature.

The fact that she is probably the strongest and most ferocious women in all of comics also helps to really set her above the rest. She is one of the few female characters not to be defined by other male superheroes, which is pretty impressive in its own rights.


Starting her life as a one note villain, Catwoman has since gone on to become perhaps the sexiest female comic book character of all time. Playing by her own rules, she draws a thin line between good and bad, regularly featuring as a villain, hero and often somewhere in between. She is also well known for her dalliances with Gotham`s favourite brooding hero, Batman.

The classic embodiment of a femme fatale, she`s a cat burglar with the hottest thief`s outfit ever created. Relying less on revealing flesh and more on skin tight spandex to accentuate her body, Catwoman has been involved in endless amazing comics, not to mention TV shows and movies, all of which never fail to point out just how ridiculously hot she is.

The best part is she knows how to use her sexuality to get exactly what she wants, answering to nobody in the process. Plus just take a look at some of her outfits!

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