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7 Reasons Why Warcraft Gamers Better Lovers

7 Reasons Why Warcraft Gamers Better Lovers

Having carried a rather specific stigma through the 80s and 90s among popular culture, computer gamers are now considered "chic". World of Warcraft in particular continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games, expanding its list of subscribers and long-term gamers (although there has been something of a dip over the last 18 months). A game that combines the unique enjoyment of a fantasy world with the ability to interact and socialise with millions of other people, World of Warcraft has given birth to a specific group of fans with specific personality features.

But, is there any substance to the idea that a Warcraft gamer is going to be a more polished lover - in every sense of the word - than their protein gulping, shot-putting equivalents in "the real world"? Despite any preconceived ideas you might have, a Warcraft Gamer might surprise you with their outstanding skills in terms of poetic dialect and prowess in more private areas of your lives :-) Here are a few reasons why:

Warcraft gamers are (in general) nice people

Outside of the school-based communities that roam the world of WoW and act their age, constantly starting arguments and breaking the group dynamic, there are many extremely nice people on WoW. When you are dealing on a daily basis with so many patience-testing circumstances and people, you tend to become a nicer person when you get to your refuge world. When you get beyond the pick-up group you met through, you will see that Warcraft gamers are a nice company, willing to chat with you for hours and ready to lend a friendly ear, be it in real-life or via a messenger.

Many Warcraft gamers are looking for true love

Just as you jump into the game looking to team up with fellow Horde or Alliance allies and slaughter all those who stand in your way, others are signing up actively looking for love. This means they are willing to put in the hard work and hours that are required to make an online relationship work. This can be the problem for many people, but WoW gamers are used to long distances and taking things slowly.

Warcraft gamers are happy to share

Looking for a partner to share both happy and sad moments with? Then a Warcraft gamer is exactly what you need. Passing up gear is part and parcel of the game, so they are used to sacrificing their own choices for the greater cause of the group; or in this case, you!

Warcraft gamers believe in second chances

A Warcraft gamer is always happy to forgive others for their mistakes. When you get used to a Tank being too big for his boots or a Priest letting everyone die because they burned through their mana, it becomes easy to forgive the minor things in life. After all, what`s worse? Wiping on a raid at the last minute or having a minor tiff in the real-world? We know what would annoy a gamer more!

Warcraft gamers have patience

Everyone in WoW is used to hanging around and waiting for others to level up, get the last quest item, standing around the summoning stone waiting for the last raider etc. so if you are looking for a companion who won`t mind while you run around the stores and take all day getting what you need, a Warcraft gamer might be just what you are looking for!

Warcraft gamers are team players, twosomes in your case

Looking for a lover who sees the two of you as a team? A Warcraft gamer will do just that! Don`t suspect him of being a solo player! Fair play and team spirit are his greatest values.

With Warcraft gamers, it`s all about strategy in the bedroom

What`s the most valued skill in a multiplayer online role-playing game like World of Warcraft? Strategy, of course! Do not worry, they will not forget about it when they exit the game. After hours and hours of strategising, this is the way their brain works. So, don`t be surprised if he has a plan how to seduce you that he will deploy on weeks in a row.

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