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Best 5 Places for a Geeky First Date

Best 5 Places for a Geeky First Date

If you are a geek yourself and about to start dating another geek, you are most probably looking for ideas of places for your geeky first date. Where to go? What to do? Well, don`t think you are at a disadvantage here! Instead of limiting your array of possibilities, the geeky theme actually opens a whole range of options, going much beyond the regular dinner-and-a-movie.

Music Concert

Maybe not as original as you would expect, but this kind of first date has plenty of advantages. First of all, it`s casual. Then, it leaves room for conversation, not to mention it also offers a safe topic. When the awkward `first date` silence seems to be settling in, just find something to say about the song or the band. Is it OK to bring friends on a date? Usually no, but the concert is good excuse to have your best friend around, just for feeling more self-confident.

Video Games Café

What a better idea of a geeky first date than an all-nighter at a video gaming café? It`s fun, it`s exhilarating! It`s also about the things you both love! You can play against each other, or you can be a team! It`s up to you, but be careful: this might say something about the way you envision your relationship!

Science Museum

You both love science, right? So, why not explore it together? A science museum dedicated to kids would be even better as they usually have lots of cool toys you can play with. At least you will be in a good company: sharing one of your passions with someone who appreciates the geekiness of it all!

Amusement Park

A date is supposed to be fun and cool! Well, for you it`s supposed to be also geeky! Unless you go to the trendiest waterparks where all `the who`s and who` come, the amusement park is a great idea of a first date. They have lots of special installations set into place, and plenty of cool attractions.

A Café

A nerd in a café , I know what you are about to say, but think twice: most cafes have free wireless nowadays. You can bring along your laptops and play online! How cool is that?

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