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Comic-Con 2015 - Cosplay Girls

Comic-Con 2015 - Cosplay Girls

With 2015`s San Diego Comic-Con finally over, the fallout from one of the biggest pop culture events on the year is still settling. From Q&A panels with the hottest TV shows and next big comic book movies to exclusive trailer reveals and previews of upcoming flicks, everyone watching from the halls of the San Diego Convention Centre and beyond was all out blown away by all of the amazing content and general fun on show.

Taking away all of the events taking place at Comic-Con, there is undoubtedly one aspect of the convention that continues to leave jaws dropped and just outright impress the masses - the cosplay girls. With thousands of attendees over the weekend dressing up as their favorite pop culture characters from film, TV, games and comics, there are plenty of outstanding efforts in dressing up as everyone`s favorite heroes and villains.

The female cosplayers of Comic-Con have slowly but surely taken over the show, with everyone eager to see the latest slew of interpretations of pop culture`s finest female characters. Ever since Princess Leia donned THAT bikini from Return of the Jedi it has set the standard for how awesome and beautiful women can look in costumes from our favorite movies and the like.

While the golden Leia bikini remains a classic for every convention, including Comic-Con (for plenty of men as well as women!) 2015 saw plenty of new designs and homages to the endless favorite female icons from film, TV, games etc.

One notable character that appeared in several incarnations at Comic-Con this year was Batman favorite Harley Quinn. Perhaps this was due to the upcoming Suicide Squad film or just the general love each year that Harley gets (especially after the Arkham series of video games featured her too).

What is great about this type of female cosplay is that you can go with plenty of different versions. You have the classic Harley from the Batman Animates Series from the 90s, you have the more sexually charged (yet still psychotic) Harley from the recent video game series, and even the newest version in Margot Robbie`s upcoming Harley from the aforementioned Suicide Squad.

All the great female comic book characters can be spotted at Comic -Con this year, with plenty of Marvel and DC staples. From Catwomen to Wonder Women and everyone in between, there are plenty of characters out there.

That doesn`t mean our favorite ladies from other fictional universes don`t appear, far from it. Disney characters are there by the truck load, with recent favorite Elsa of Frozen being a fine example of this. Classic characters such as Snow White and other princesses will always be spotted, and even more niche characters such as Kida from Atlantis.

That doesn`t mean male characters cannot be done with a female twist to them. The likes of Mario, Edward Scissorhands and Deadpool are just a few examples of male characters done even better as females. That`s one of the great things about cosplaying at Comic-Con - there are no rules to follow! If you can think of a character you like and want to put your spin on it then go ahead!

While one of the appeals of female Cosplayer is understandable just how outrageously hot some of the costumes are, there is plenty of respect in order for the effort put into making them a reality. Most of these are homemade costumes, that plenty of time to make. Let`s not forget how a skimpy outfit looks great in a photo, but imagine walking around all day in one!

A definite tip of the hat is in order for every type of female cosplayer that stepped foot into Comic-Con 2015. It simply would not be the same without some awe-inspiring and breath-taking costumes from the ladies bringing the heart and soul of Comic-Con to the forefront - the fans.

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