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Cosplay Flirting Etiquette

Cosplay Flirting Etiquette

As Cosplay events gain more and more popularity, and cosplay flirting is becoming a thing, an etiquette code has been developed. Here are some of its rules:

Don`t take Cosplay for consent

Just because a person dressed up in a costume to attend an event, it does not mean they accepted to be photographed or hit on. Don`t just start blitzing your camera or aggressively flirt with Cosplays. Same rules of common sense and basic decency apply! So, don`t bully them! Don`t forget there is a real person behind that costume.

Test the grounds

Going along the same line, test the grounds before you start flirting for real. Just the same way you would do when hitting on someone in a bar, at the local supermarket or at a regular party. A few appreciative words about the costume or the character would be a great idea to strike a conversation.

Don`t take the person for the character

A Cosplay is certainly a fan of the character they are impersonating, but this does not mean they are or trying to become the character itself. If a girl is impersonating a slutty warrior princess, it does not mean you have to take her for a slut. Maybe she`s identifying with a different side of the character`s personality? Have you thought about that?

Leave your preconceived ideas at home

If you have some prejudices about Cosplays, better leave them at home, or even better, stay there with them. These people have a distinct personality. If you don`t get it all, better not try to flirt with them. Don`t attend these events in order to confirm or express your preconceived ideas. Just admit they are different and admire from a distance. It`s the better solution for both parties. Being nasty won`t help anyone.

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