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Warcraft - First Date Conversations

Warcraft - First Date Conversations

So you`ve been flirting with sexy dwarves and nelfs through Warcraft and have arranged to meet up with one of them in person. But despite weeks of chat, you`re unsure of what to talk about once you`re face-to-face with them. Don`t let your nerves get the better of you - just follow these simple rules and make that first meeting a walk in the park.


Keep your expectations realistic, that way you won`t be disappointed if things don`t end up going the way you hoped they would. This will help you to remain more calm, relaxed and engaged with your prospect, rather than `stuck inside your head`, worrying about how well you`re performing. Just because they have a higher ilvl than you doesn`t mean anything in the real world. Have you ever been so nervous about a first date you`ve had to down a shot of vodka before leaving the house?

Keep It Short

Keep your first date short and sweet, but do something activity-orientated, like a trip to the zoo, walk around the local park or visiting a museum. This will give you a built-in conversation piece as you`ll be able to talk about the cues in your immediate environment, rather than sitting and staring at each other in a coffee shop and trying hard to avoid any awkward silences or embarrassing attempts at flirting. We all know that behind the bravado of the Warrior is probably a very quiet and shy guy after all. We asked our fans and followers: What would you do to make sure your first date goes without a glitch (and awkward silences)? Daryl, Death Knight, Ravencrest: "Go on a hike. No one will blame you if you`re out of breath and can`t talk, or you point out something you see, like a cool-looking tree or neat clouds.

Ask Questions About Them, Not About Their Gear

The other option, and this always works, is to ask prepared questions about your mmo date. People usually like talking about themselves, and almost always seem knowledgeable about the topic. Don`t talk about your ex, especially if they play Warcraft. Do ask simple questions like if they have any favourite movies or foods that come to mind. Pets? If it`s a blind date, it`s usually pretty obvious right at the start if there is physical attraction on either side. Try not to talk about anything negative such as ex partners, past relationship baggage and bad memories. Discussing family issues, health problems and financial struggles is also a big no-no. A first date is all about putting your best foot forward so make sure you generate positive energy by chatting about your dreams, goals and passions. Serafine, Hunter, Saurfang: "I smile, eat/drink and wait until I have something interesting to say. If you find that eating and smiling away is dragging a bit too long for comfort, compliment the food or drink. I ask him if he`s been here before and what he tried that`s any good. Look at the menu selection and comment on what you`ll try next time you`re at the bar/restaurant. Also, look at how he handles the silence. Is he comfortable? Is he getting nervous or fidgety? Is he getting defensive? All a part of getting to know the guy.

Dating like Warcraft is fun, enjoy yourselves :-)

Fumanji, Warlock: "I try to keep my questions open and leading, rather than something that would dead end in a yes/no answer. `What do you think of_____?`, for example." The aim of a first date is to suss out whether or not the person you`re meeting will fit perfectly into your life and tick all the boxes when it comes it to their personality traits. Weave questions into your conversation to try and discover more about their likes and dislikes without making it sound like a job interview. Have you ever been on a first date that ended up in either you or the other person storming off? If so, WHAT THE HELL HAPPEED?!! Show curiosity about who your date is as a person. Ask them questions and show a genuine interest in their answers. One way you can almost always secure a second date is to make sure the person leaves your first encounter feeling good as a result of interacting with you si don`t be afraid to start flirting! Have you ever been on a first date and not been able to get a word in edgeways? How did you cope with it?

And Finally, If All Else Fails

If you run out of things to talk about or find yourself lost for words, ask your date what their thoughts are on one of the latest news on MMO Champion. This way, you can fill in any awkward gaps in the conversation and learn more about your prospect`s opinions on current specs, release notesat the same time. Just don`t let it get too heavy.

Some Subjects To Avoid

Conversations about politics, religion and sex should be skipped until a later date as they can get a bit too heavy or controversial. Your first face-to-face meeting should be light, fun and positive. There`s nothing wrong with a little flirting but learning about each other`s sexual tastes and preferences on a first date is almost certain to send out the wrong messages, so steer clear of the subject until you know the other person better.

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