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Newcastle Dating

Newcastle Dating

Newcastle is a good base for exploring of the northeast of England, but don't be surprised if the locals could care less about all that impressive history. They have their eyes firmly fixed on today and tomorrow. Newcastle nightlife is legendary, spawning bands, performance artists and good times in quantity. Back in the 1960s, Jimi Hendrix lived and busked in Newcastle. He was discovered and managed by Chas Chandler, a musician with Newcastle band, The Animals. Dire Straits was a Newcastle band and Sting is a Geordie boy. ("Geordies" are natives of Newcastle). One of England's big university cities, students keep the Newcastle music scene alive and kicking. Since the Millennium, the Newcastle/Gateshead Quays have been transformed into a futuristic and arty landscape. The Newcastle/Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a unique pedestrian "drawbridge". Instead of splitting and opening to allow tall boat traffic through, the bottom, pedestrian deck of the bridge tips up to meet the support arch, like an eyelid, opening and closing.

Singles in Newcastle will discover the romantic surprises of this lively city. Impress your date with a trip to Newcastle, with almost too many flirty ideas to choose from. Passionate nights or enjoyable days spent exploring the delights of Newcastle for aspiring daters. Singles in Newcastle have too many places to choose from.

Why not impress your date with a mysterious visit to somewhere off the beaten track? Maybe a restraurant in Newcastle which they have never been to before? Or how about a nice walk along the backstreets of Newcastle?

Whatever you decide to do, Newcastle has plenty to offer. Why not register today and see if you can find someone to enjoy Newcastle with?

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