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Geek Dating Tips that Actually Work

Geek Dating Tips that Actually Work

Dating is not a piece of cake of anyone, or, at least, for most of us. Geek dating can be even harder. Why? It`s simple: men and women equally, geeks are not the most easy-going people in the world. Some of them are really sociable, but most geeks are simply different than the rest of us. Are you a nerd at heart yourself? Does the dating world look like a wild jungle to you? Here are some dating tips that will make your life a lot easier and will help you feel less romantically challenged.

Find someone who shares your interests

What`s your thing? Are you into video games? Are you a Star Wars fan? No matter what your passion is, it will be easier for you to hit it off with someone sharing it. This will not only spare you the awkward moments of silence when neither of you doesn`t know what to say to break the ice, but there are high chances this way you will find someone who understands you, and does not look at you as if you are an alien who has just landed from God-knows which planet. However, you should be aware that sharing a passion for a certain video game or movie does not guarantee romantic compatibility. Let`s say are both Star Wars fans, but there are so many levels of it. Are you a `bought the DVDs` kind of fan? Are you the fan who collects anything pertaining or even remotely related to Star Wars? Are you speaking fluent Mandalorian? Are your room`s walls covered with standees and your shelved full of Lego sets and light sabers?

Feel comfortable in your own skin

This mind sound a bit out of place, but many geek dating problems arise from the fact that these people don`t feel too comfortable being themselves. When going out for a date, you might feel tempted to put on a shiny armour and present yourself in a different light you consider better than the real you. Don`t fool yourself! Instead ask yourself this question: are you planning to play this game forever? What if the girl or guy you are meeting falls in love with the fake you? What if they don`t like the fake you, but they would have really fallen for the real you? Wouldn`t it be a pity to miss the opportunity of finding true love just because you didn`t feel secure enough to be yourself?

Don`t be afraid to be different

You are a nerd at heart? Your hobby is your life? Then, you are, by definition, different than most. T here is no shame in it! Without being arrogant, you should, actually, be proud of who you are. After all, that`s much better than being plain and placid. You are who you are, and unless you did something really shameful, you should come to terms with the way you are.

Don`t be shy

Geeks are usually introvert people, but if you want to be successful and hit it off with that girl in front of you, you should get over your shyness and start talking. Don`t worry, most probably she has already got the idea. She does not think you are some kind of party animal or some kind of socialite. Don`t be afraid to speak about yourself, your passions, and your views online without exaggerating, but without trying to hide things. No need to present yourself for who you are not! Despite the general assumption, there are quite enough girls out there who would rather date a geek than a party-goer.

Don`t give a speech

Another geek dating mistake is giving a speech. A date is supposed to be a dialogue, an opportunity to find out various things about each other. Don`t go prepared with a monologue. Instead, think about some good questions you could ask your date. You will not only get to know each other better, but you will also show some interest in the person sitting next to you. Ask your date about the things she/he likes, about their own hobbies. Maybe you will find some common ground there and develop a relationship based on common interests and shares passions.

Don`t brag

Do you think that guy asked you out so that you brag about your gaming skills? Did that girl really accept your invitation just because she was curious which level you are on the latest game craze? Keep it down! This is not a competition and you are not evaluated according to your gaming skills. As difficult as it may sound to you, some real-life conversation would be appreciated. What`s your favourite food? Favourite movie? No Star Wars, please! Any funny childhood memories you would like to share?

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