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Tips on Dumping via email

Tips on Dumping via email

It`s not the ideal way to dump someone but these days, letting someone know you`re not interested in taking things further by emailing them is becoming more acceptable, thanks to the growing popularity of social networks and dating websites. But before you start frantically tapping away at the keyboard, there are a few things you should take into consideration, like the other person`s feelings...

Go easy on the details

There`s no need to delve deeply into the exact reasons why you`re ending a relationship. Explain too much and it`s more likely that the other person will try and talk you out of it. So don`t argue, explain or blame. Just tell them you simply don`t think that, as a couple, you have that spark that suggests you are a good match. No one can argue with that.

Keep things upbeat

Stay positive and keep your message upbeat so the other person has little to feel negative about. However, even if you do your best to say good bye to them in a kind and respectful way, don`t forget that everyone makes their own interpretations and therefore it`s not your fault if they take things the wrong way and get upset.

Don`t go down the `friends` route

Once you`ve ended the relationship, don`t suggest you and your ex-partner stay friends if you have no real intentions of doing so. It`s like kicking a wounded puppy. If you were meant to be friends, would you be dumping this person in the first place? Think about it carefully before you type anything about remaining friends, it could lead to more trouble further down the line.

Be original

Try not to spout off classic rejection lines such as `It`s not you, it`s me`, `I`ve just come out of a relationship and I`m not ready to date yet` or `I`ve got a lot on my plate at the moment`. Try not to use excuses, be as honest as possible because the lies you tell could find their way to someone else and they might think you`re unavailable.

Do the right thing

If you reached the point where you began to share an intimate relationship with the other person, then it`s likely they will have developed some feelings for you. This type of dumping requires a phone call at the very least. Email is the least personal form of communication available so make sure you have the conversation either in person or over the phone. And no, text messages aren`t acceptable either!

What do you think?

Add a comment below if you agree or disagree ladies and gents!

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