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Finding Love with a Nerd

Finding Love with a Nerd

The term nerd is one that can encompass various different types of people. Essentially anyone can be nerd, and most of us have an in nerdiness regarding something we are passionate about. Nerd culture is easier to spot, it covers beloved movies, games, TV shows, literature - pretty much anything you can become incredibly passionate about. The bottom line is that there are plenty of nerds out there, and many of these nerds are hoping to meet the perfect nerd to find love with and share all of these amazing passions in their lives.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, nerds are always looking out for someone who shares many of the same interests and quirks that have grown to love. Someone times though nerds can struggle to find a special someone - it a can be hard to find a person that shares the more unique aspects of being a nerdy person. br> That`s not to say there are not plenty of nerds out there waiting meet someone who is just right for them, most can struggle to find each other is all! Knowing where to look and the right approach to take is vitally important for meeting likeminded people. Nerd culture is very much unique, so different methods can sometimes apply for dating.

Know where nerds socialize

Nerds love to do many different things, it`s the unrivalled enthusiasm for what they love that helps to define what a nerd truly is. It makes sense that finding nerd love would finding a social situation that relates to whatever passion they share. For example, a comic book convention will be a much better place to meet a likeminded nerdy person than going to music festival. Finding people when they are in their element will lead to a more natural and comfortable social experience, so try and find an event or something similar where you are likely to find people with similar interests to your own.

It could be anything from a forum for your favourite game, going to a fun event such as a gaming tournament or even just hitting a comic book or video game store - go to places you would enjoy yourself and you will find similar people there. You never know who you could meet at these types of places.

Find someone who shares your passions

Let`s face it; nerds love to talk about their favourite things, it is one of the first ways you can identify a nerd. These can take many shapes and forms, but most of them are movies, TV shows, games or comics that they love and cannot get enough of. Meeting someone who shares these interests will be the perfect way to lay the ground work of a special relationship.

You will have plenty of things to talk about, and something that can bring you close together. It could be your favourite movie or film franchise, a certain video game - anything really. They do not even have to be closely related. The fact you both adore something that can be considered part of nerd culture means you share a common ground, which is always a great way to find someone special.

Take interest in each other`s stuff

As mentioned before, being a nerd doesn`t necessarily mean everyone loves Star Trek or Batman. You could both have time for different aspects of nerd culture; one person could love anime while the other is a big MMO gamer. These are in no way connected, so there is no guarantee to say either person would enjoy the others interests.

That does not mean you cannot bond over them. Taking the time to discover something new and explore it with someone you care about will help to create a closer relationship. Nerds are always waiting for something new to capture the attention, so being the person to introduce it to them can be a great way to find love with another nerd.

Don`t be shy

While shyness is often associated with nerds, it certainly isn`t always the case. The chances of a nerdy person having the confidence to flirt is just has high as a anyone else, it may just not quite seem like it. It is easy enough to get some friendly chatting on the go, and the important step is to just remain confident about asking them out. Don`t beat around the bush, just ask for their number or if they would like to go on a date, whether you are successful or not isn`t important, the fact that you asked in the first place alludes to having more confidence.

A confident nerd is certainly an attractive quality, epically with other nerds. Most nerds know where you are coming from when trying to find your groove when hitting on other people - it can be awkward yet often quite funny in a cute way. Plus at the end of the day, if you don`t ask the question you will never know the answer! Finding nerd love won`t happen unless you take the plunge!

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