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Geek Gamer Girls: Who Are They and Why to Date Them?

Geek Gamer Girls: Who Are They and Why to Date Them?

Have you ever seen Team Unicorn`s video "G33K & G4M3R Girls"? Or, maybe you`ve watched Robert Iscove`s teen romantic comedy "She`s All That"? Then you probably have an idea of who geek girls are. A bit quirky, but interesting nevertheless, they certainly break the norm and bring a breath of fresh air for many men out there. Why? Here are a few reasons:

When they say five minutes, they mean five minutes
How many times did you get annoyed that your girlfriend is taking too much time to get ready? How many dinner reservations or appointments you`ve almost missed because the girls was accessorizing... or simply contemplating her outfit or her makeup in the mirror? This won`t happen with a geek girl. These women know how to be sexy without spending hours to paint their eyelashes or to find the perfect pair of earrings.

They are neither bored, nor boring
Smart human beings, geek gamer girls are a pleasure to talk to, not to mention a challenge to play with. You can spend hours debating a certain topic, or playing your favorite game, no pressure at all. You`ll feel as if you are hanging out with your buddy, only it`s actually someone really hot.

Besides not getting bored when dating a geek gamer girl, you will also not hear the annoying complaints that they are bored. These nerdy, yet very sexy women know how to spend their time and don`t depend on you for entertainment. How cool is that?

You won`t have a problem finding the perfect gift
Instead of wasting hours strolling along the shops, staring at pieces of jewelry that say nothing to you, when dating a geek gamer girl, you can simply buy her the newest video game on the market. If you don`t find something in this sense, you can get a voucher. She will know what to do with it, and she won`t complain about you not personalizing your gift.

Geek girls have a developed sense of reality. They can be romantic during a candle-lit dinner with a glass of wine, but they won`t expect your life to evolve around them. Actually, the challenge with such a woman will be to beat her on the game, not to seduce her with big gestures.

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