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Getting a woman`s attention | gay men

Getting a woman`s attention | gay men

Getting a woman`s attention

In this technology ridden society, people have forgotten some of the fundamentals when it comes to getting a girl`s at{pb}tention. It`s not like it is in the movies where a guy walks up with a charming line and she forks over her number. Women are tougher than ever these days, and you`ll need some fresh moves to get their attention. I`m here to help with a tactic I call "R.A.F." Ready, Aim, Fire. Step 1: Ready Your Look Girls love fashion and style. It`s one of the first thing girls look at in a guy. Here`s a rule I live by: Keep it simple. Jeans and a fitted button down is an easy look to pull off and most guys should be able to pull this off. Regardless of what the commercials say, women don`t want to be overwhelmed by too much scent. A.K.A. Axe Body spray or massive amounts of cologne. So just be freshly showered and clean smelling. Make sure your breath is good too. No one wants to talk to a dragon. Step 2: Aim Targeting and Numbers Know your number. Everyone would like to think they`re a 10. We`re not. So if you are an average looking chap , don`t try getting a 10`s attention. It`s not going to work. Some easy math is this — our number plus 2. So if you are a 6, you can really only ever get a girl that`s an 8. Step 3: Fire Some fresh moves to get a girl`s at{pb}tention Stop `N Chat This one I call the "Stop `N Chat," which is just perfect. It lines up like this. You see a cute girl at the bar ordering a drink. You walk up next to her and wait to order one, too. It`s that easy and

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