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He Is A Geeky Text Flirt

He Is A Geeky Text Flirt

So you`ve been on your first date, it went without a hitch, you got on like a house on fire and you`re pretty sure he`s into you. Then why, two weeks on, are you still receiving nothing but text messages from him, even after he promised to call you to arrange another date?
When it comes to keeping in contact, geeky men aren`t always as reliable as us females. We`re trying to find love, but maybe they`re too busy playing on their X-Boxes or kicking footballs around the park to notice. And after the first date, we hung on to their every word. So when we were told that he`d call, we believed him. Instead however, we`re being inundated with flirtatious text messages. But there`s still no indication of a second date. Are we expecting too much? Probably.

Sending a flirt text is `safer`

Unlike us girls, men aren`t the biggest fans of talking in person, let alone talking on the phone. It makes them feel exposed and expected to reply to our questions with an interesting or funny answer. They`re creatures that prefer to let their actions do the talking holding hands, flashing us a smile or kissing. They`re also big on visual communication, so if a face-to-face meeting isn`t on the cards, a flirt text message is the next best thing. A text message with an attached photo is even better

To a male (geek)phone flirt, text messaging offers the perfect alternative to verbal interaction. Free online chat is also a popular way for this talk-shy guy to flirt with girls. Rather than being put on the spot, they can take their time to answer our questions with witty replies anytime, anywhere. But that doesn`t explain the lack of plans for date #2.

Still no phone call?

It`s a bitter pill to swallow but the truth is he might just be keeping his options open. If he was crazy about us and positively aching to see us again, he`d have asked us out on date #2. But the chances are he`s keeping us on ice to enjoy if the other options (Bianca from the bank and Steph from the local supermarket) fall through. So what if we really want a relationship with him? Well, we have to stop making it so easy for him to keep us at arm`s length. We need to step up our game, be more in-your-face and in his head. Turn up the text naughtiness, get in control and make this man putty in our hands.

How? Just follow these simple rules:

  • Don`t succumb to the flirt at 2am. He`s drunk, alone and needs a fix. Just ignore him - preferably for 3 days.
  • Think of this as bait: the next time he texts you, send him a short reply saying that you`re really busy, hope he`s doing well and hope to catch up soon - that`ll keep him on his toes.
  • When he sends his next text message, wait a day or two before replying. Make it a confident text but with only vague interest.
  • Tell him to call you sometime but not today as you`re all partied out (basically make him think you`ve been out meeting other guys).
  • Sit back and reel him in. Hopefully he`ll want to ditch the fast flirting meet up in the next two or three days. But if he suggests next week, tell him to sling his hook. The guy`s a player and not worth your time, energy or phone credit!

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