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How to make a great first impression | lesbians meet

How to make a great first impression | lesbians meet

How to make a great first impression

Although you’ve been led to believe that we men will solely base our first impression of a woman on how much {pb}cleavage she is showing , you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a great deal more that goes on in our minds when meeting you. Read on to find out how to bowl us over at the first inning. Be yourself Too much makeup or Lady Gaga’s latest hairdo might fly at night– but if things go to the next level, eventually your man will know what you really look like. And contrary to popular belief, a good personality doesn’t equate fugly. Don`t be afraid to just be you -- trying too hard to be sexy and cool is a guy`s job, anyway. Be funny, not fake A good sense of humor goes a long way. Funny is sexy! It doesn’t hurt to laugh at your man`s jokes, either -- especially the dumb ones. But it`s also important to be genuine -- keep in mind that men can usually tell when you’re faking it. Be comfortable Most guys would be lying if they said a sexy, low-cut top isn`t going to get you noticed, but casual and cute can make a great first impression, too. It goes back to being yourself. For example, if a group of guys are at a bar watching the big game, the woman who typically catches their eyes is the one wearing jeans and a team jersey, not the on

Bitterness: Love`s Poison

Of all the barriers that discourage committing to a new lover, the wall of bitterness is the most deadly. There is no greater warning sign to a potential relationship than cynicism about the past. Those black clouds signal the presence of a failure-demon, who lies in wait for the first time you do not meet his or her expectations. Primary Topic:  Relationships read more

On the Road to Nowhere: The True Story of My First (and Worst) Job

It’s Labor Day in the United States, the holiday that traditionally marks the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. Officially, it’s intended as “a day off for the working citizens”. As usual, GRS is taking a short break. This is a reprint of a column from five years ago. Your [...]

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