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New relationship must-dos | man for men

New relationship must-dos | man for men

New relationship must-dos

New relationships can be fragile. They`re full of passion and excitement, but they also involve a learning curve no matt{pb}er how many couples you`ve previously been part of. To help you navigate the unknown territory of new love, we`ve put together some helpful tips aimed at making your relationship last. Read on to get the goods on our top four new relationship must-dos. Learn to compromise Everyone likes being right but always wanting to have the last word and never being willing to give in can seriously hurt your relationship. That`s why learning to compromise is the first – and most important – item on our list. At its core, compromise means coming up with a solution that works for both of you. It may not be ideal and you still may rather go the route you were originally angling for, but if you each give a little , you`ll likely hit on a scenario that`s acceptable and that doesn`t leave one of you feeling slighted. You can only compromise if you listen to each other and actually put some effort in to reaching a workable solution to the problem. If you need to take a timeout to calm down mid-argument, do it. The clearer your head is, the easier it will be to reach a compromise.

The Cost of ‘Manning Up’

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How to Make Him Want You

Attracting romantic partners doesn’t always come naturally—or does it? Here is our advice to Dorothea from Toronto about self confidence and the role it plays in attraction. Sometimes the best way to get attention is to be yourself. Dorothea from St. Paul, MN writes: “There’s this guy I’ve been pining after for a year now [...]

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