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Refresh your romance for fall | women searching for women

Refresh your romance for fall | women searching for women

Refresh your romance for fall

What better time to breathe new life into your relationship than at the start of a new season? If you feel like your{pb} twosome needs a seasonal tune-up, we`re here to help. We turned to Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., "Dr. Romance," licensed psychotherapist and author of Lovestyles, How to Celebrate Your Differences, for some tips on how to re-energize your romance for fall. Love tune-up Over an extended period of time, dust and dead weight can accumulate in even the best marriage, Tessina explains, so taking the time this fall to clear out the cobwebs and re-energize your connection is a great idea and the perfect way to start a new season. A regular housework schedule and regular weekly talks can help lessen your problems, keep the resentment level down and keep the communication open, and taking the time to revitalize your romance can do the same thing. Here are a few tips for doing just that. Tidy up your intimacy Intimacy is a cornerstone of a good relationship so Tessina suggests making the most of any face to face time you have. But don`t think that you need to go out to dinner or do something elaborate in order to reconnect. As Tessina says, it`s the little things that count. "Intimacy is the art of making your partner feel understood and accepted," the psychotherapist says. "When this feeling is created, barriers fall." Take time to listen to each other. Couples disconnect when they don`t feel interested in each other anymore. To reconnect, make an effort to listen and understand each other`s needs and wants. Touch as often as possible . Create a cuddling space in front of the television, on the porch swing or in your bedroom and use it. Make positive comments about your partner`s looks or the

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