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Tell A Guy By What Gaming Console He Uses

Tell A Guy By What Gaming Console He Uses

Tell a guy by what gaming console he uses

With E3 and the Steam Summer Sale fresh in gamer`s minds, the console wars are in full swing. A man`s gaming choices can tell a lot about who he is. Each is marketed toward a specific type of guy and luckily for you, that means you can pretty easily tell a guy by what gaming console he uses.

PlayStation 3

The guy with the PS3 is a pretty pure gaming enthusiast. He likes to game for the sake of gaming and he is the sort of person who really loses himself in geeky fandom. That means he really and truly commits to what he loves but has a pretty open mind and diverse portfolio. The PS3 has been one of the most successful consoles to date with a diverse collection encompassing everything from run-and-jump platformers to horror games to first-person shooter. He`s laid back, intelligent, and loves conversation.

Playstation 4

The man with the PS4 is still a pretty avid gamer but he`s concerned with technology and having the best of the best. He`s all about hardware and he`s all about new and improved. He`s down for a bit of a wait if it means quality -- and he`s definitely down to spend the big bucks on things that matter. He`s a smooth operator, and with one of the smaller game collections on the market, he`s less apt to forget about the special lady in his life in favour of a marathon.

Nintendo WiiU

The WiiU had a slow start, but points to a more casual kind of gamer who`s all about expressing the kid in him. The WiiU has great titles, to be sure, many of which tie in with the DS, Nintendo`s handheld. This guy gets along great with everybody and really needs to make sure everybody has a good time. With a console so dedicated to same room multiplayer in a market full of online play, the WiiU lover is your best bet for that big, huggable geek who keeps the party going and makes everybody feel included.


Xbox fans are dudes to the core. Halo fans by default, Xbox fans are also all about their online multiplayer and headsets. They`re troublemakers and love to get up to shenanigans mostly because they like a little risk and a lot of adventure. The Xbox is most notable for its ability to bring friends together and playing host to amazing first-person shooters that build teamwork and friendship. Xbox users are always loyal but always down for a practical joke.

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