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Top 10 Cutest Geeky Guys

Top 10 Cutest Geeky Guys

Are you into geeky guys? Here are the cutest ones:

1. Jason Segal

A front runner of the nerdy guys pack, Jason Segal proved is geekiness in the role of Marshall Eriksen in `How I Met Your Mother`.

2. Andrew Garfield

This cute Californian earned his cute geeky guy award as Spiderman.

3. Donald Glover

You certainly miss seeing this cute nerd in NBC`s `Community`, but you can watch `The Muppets` or listen to his Grammy Awards nominated album `Because the Internet`! Ah, look him up by his stage name: Childish Gambino!

4. John Krasinski

Krasinski is actually one of the geeky trend`s promoters with his role in `The Office`. Cute, right?

5. Dev Patel

A poor Indian kid acing the local version of `Who Wants to be a Millionaire` in the Oscar winning `Slumdog Millionaire`, this Indian-English actor proved once again his geek potential featuring `Newsnight` in the role of a blogger, and `The Newsroom` as a computer whiz.

6. Jack Antonoff

Did you think rock stars cannot be considered geeky? Jack Antonoff will prove you wrong. This New Jersey guy is best known for being Lena Dunham`s boyfriend, but also for being the lead singer of `Bleachers`, and lead guitarist of `Fun`.

7. Zach Braff

Portrayed as a nerdy character ever since featuring NBC`s popular TV series `Scrubs`, Zaxh is certainly one of the cutest geeky guys around.

8. Paul Rudd

Most of his roles have a nerdy side. Paul is one of the leaders of the geeky pack, and it all started back in 1995, when he got a role in `Clueless`.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Smart, artistic, adorable, this American actor had to add some more adjectives to the list: geeky and cute!

10. Jimmy Fallon

Does Jimmy Fallon need any introduction? He`s the permanent host for NBC`s `The Tonight Show`, and he`s very good at it, not to mention cute!

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