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Top  10 Tips On How To Date A Geek Girl

Top 10 Tips On How To Date A Geek Girl

Top 10 Tips on How To Date A Geek Girl?

You met a geek girl? She looks kind of hot, but you are too scared to ask her out? Don`t be! Here are a few tips that will help you hit it off with her:

1 Make her interests your interests

You can lose yourself in just about anything from gaming to comic books to knitting. Sharing one of her interests or hobbies is a great way to connect.

2 Don`t be scared to argue

A great geeky debate session is actually tons of fun. Nerds tend to get passionate and heated, but it`s almost always in good fun! Feel free to love the exact opposite aspect of the same show or video game.

3 Don`t let her win

Girls are not princesses in need of being saved and most of us don`t really appreciate being treated like a damsel in distress -- and especially not when gaming. We can definitely hold our own when it comes to gaming and trivia.

4 Don`t ogle Cosplayers

Cosplayers are professional hotties and it`s okay to look. However, a look and an ogle are two different things and we definitely do not appreciate the latter. We can appreciate a nice set of...tights too, but in general, we like to be the apple of our guys` eyes, just like any other girl.

5 Nerdy gifts are always welcome

Have you ever met a nerd who doesn`t have some sort of collection going? Knick knacks are cheap but always make a great addition to any nerd`s collection.

6 Never bash a hobby or interest

It could be the most annoying thing to you or you might just be really apathetic (is that an oxymoron?), but geeks are passionate and can take criticism personally. Hating Sailor Moon is fine. Hating ON Sailor Moon is not.

7 Don`t be afraid to be a kid

Part of the appeal of geek culture is that it lets you be a kid for as long as you like. So, don`t be the adult that brings everybody down. Go with the flow and have some fun!

8 Compliment her geek chic style

It`s a bit vintage, a bit dorky, a bit modern, and always effortless. It may be out there to you, but she probably feels like a million bucks rocking a strapless polka dot dress, cinched with a SNES belt. Let her know you dig it!

9 Take a chance on a con

Geek culture is all about the convention but they`re most fun with company. For extra points, go out on a limb and dress up. It`s sure to make her smile and you`ll have a blast.

10 Learn to speak her language

You might have no idea what she`s talking about when she says she mains Ness but he`s totally nerfed ever since the last update -- at first. Learning the lingo will give you some insight into who she is, what she loves, and how to show her you lover her back. And you might just gain a hobby yourself!

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