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Top 5 Reasons To Date A Nerd

Top 5 Reasons To Date A Nerd

Top 5 Reasons to Date a Nerd

So, you found a date, but the guy or gal looks really nerdy? Don`t let preconceived ideas stay in your way! There are many reasons to date a nerd:

Nerds are sexy

Nerds are hot stuff right now. With shows like The Big Bang Theory, geek culture is becoming more and more mainstream and just a little bit cutting edge. Nerds are on the forefront of fashion, technology, and media making them a really awesome mix of most likely to succeed and best hair. Just look at Mos from the IT Crowd or Howard from Big Bang. Nerds are definitely the hottest accessory right now.

Nerds are intelligent

Websites like Reddit, Kotaku, and io9 are populated and produced by some of the nerdiest people you`ll ever meet. Still, they still have insight into media and mareketing trends in everything from finance to fashion and are happy to go on Wikipedia binges to supplement whatever they don`t know. With heroes like Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, knowledge is in.

Nerds know how to have fun

Nerds have a unique way of seeing the world and are dedicated to having a good time. Masters of arts and crafts and everything edible (and potable), nerds are coming up with ever more interesting and dynamic party concepts. It`s pretty not to have fun a geek outing with passionate nerds getting so into whatever concept is inspiring the shindig.

Nerds are really weird

But more than anything, nerds and geeks are kind of weird people. Nerds have their own energy and when you get a bunch of people who are expecting to be outcasts together in a group, magic happens. There`s a unique ability to grab onto even the smallest string and follow it all the way to its end, learning every aspect of whatever it might be. It might be easy to label somebody a nerd, but chances are you`ll never guess every aspect of their personality without actually getting to know them pretty intimately.

Nerds are awesome people

Finally, geekdom has a built in camaraderie because nerds love to share their passions. A nerd really is just a person who has a hobby that they can`t help but be obsessed with, and they almost inevitably needs a sidekick or a best buddy to share all that with. One of the most rewarding experiences is sharing that passion with another person, which is why you`ll often catch cosplaying couples absolutely killing it at Comic Con as some dynamic duo. Geeks are serious about what they love and that could just be you, so get your nerd on!

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