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Top 5 Sexiest Sci-Fi Bad Guys

Top 5 Sexiest Sci-Fi Bad Guys

We all have the inclination towards a bad boy, it`s some stupid part of human nature that is meant to make us regret our action to matter how good our intentions may be. One aspect where we can enjoy the bad guys without worrying about the consequences are in our favourite films.

An ever popular genre, Sci-Fi has treated us to not only some of the most bad ass villains of all time (we`re looking at you Darth Vader), but some of the sexiest too. So in no particular order (because we all have our own preferences, here are Sci-Fi`s hottest bad guys.

Tom Hiddlestone as Loki - Marvel`s Avengers, Thor &Thor: Dark World

Despite multiple attempts to destroy everything and everyone in the world, its hard no to appreciate the smouldering handsomeness that is Tom Hiddlestone`s Loki. From the dark brooding demeanour to that wry smile, Loki is far too easy on the eyes for someone we should be rooting against.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Kahn - Star Trek into Darkness

We all know that British male a fine choice for a super villain and Cumberbatch`s take on Kahn keeps that trend going. While he did a great job of causing havoc for the Enterprise and its crew, we can`t help but appreciate his work, if only to get more glimpse of the far too attractive Kahn. It must be the accent…

Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800 - Terminator

While Arnie may look his age in the most recent entry to the Terminator franchise, there is no denying how great he looked as the rampaging cyborg the T-800. With little to do but stare and make threats, there is plenty to enjoy about Arnie`s most iconic role. Plus he was in not too bad shape at the time too, just look at the teleporting scene if you don`t believe us!

Tom Hardy as Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

While we cannot the majority of the face of Tom Hardy`s Bane, we do know what the British actors face looks like underneath, and that`s good enough! Despite the somewhat questionable accent, Hardy conveys his sheer might and presence very well, thanks in no part to those massive guns! Combined we have a villain who more sexy than scary!

Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane - Batman Begins

Another Chris Nolan villain, this time for his first entry into his Batman trilogy with Batman Begins - he must like his bad guys to carry a certain sexiness! While lacking in a fearsome build or towering presence, Murphy creates a darkly handsome persona that you cannot help but be drawn towards. It must be his Irish getting through!

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