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Top 5 Sexy Geeky Girls

Top 5 Sexy Geeky Girls

Wondering who are the hottest girls of the geeky universe? Here are our top heart-picks:

Jennifer Lawrence

`Hunger Games` and the bluish Mystique are most certainly the two things that pops into your mind when her name is mentioned. With the movie`s success and her flawless body, no wonder she`s the hottest geeky girl around! Although she has recently announced she might not return to X-Men, we shall see her in `The Rosie Project` - the Hollywood adaptation of Graeme Simsion`s best-selling novel by the same name.

Rashida Jones

She went to school with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, but she grew up as `a straight up nerd`, or so she says. She might be right, since she is also a comic books writer. We know her from `Parks and Recreation`, where she played the role of Ann Perkins, and we are sure is one of the top sexiest geeky girls around.

Olivia Munn

Such a top would not be complete without Olivia Munn in it. We all remember her from `Attack of the Show!`, where she used to provide gamers with their daily fix. We are also looking forward to see her interpreting the powerful and lethal Psyclocke in Bryan Singer`s "X-Men: Apocalypse" next year.

Candace Bailey

A former gymnast and a model, this American beauty made her debut on `The Sopranos` and became famous as a co-host of `Attack of the Show!`, just like Olivia Munn. You can say whatever you want, her geeky look is hot as hell!

Lyndsy Fonseca

Maybe she got a bit bored listening to her father, Ted, telling the story of `How I Met Your Mother` for 9 whole years, but she certainly grew up to be a hottie! Lyndsy might not have made a name for herself with the above mentioned TV series, but her role as Alexandra "Alex" Udinov in the CW Television Network`s hit show `Nikita` certainly meant for something.

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