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If  You Were to Date a Superhero Who Would It Be?

If You Were to Date a Superhero Who Would It Be?

It`s said that women dream of all-mighty knights on white horses. Well, this sounds a bit outdated. Knights and their shining armors belong to the Middle Ages, but today`s girls still want to be swept off their feet. The only difference is that modern superheroes come in a variety of forms, each with his style of courtship and seduction.

So, who is your superhero? Who would you like to date?


If you have the guts, go for it! There will be no dull moment... except when he`s out there saving the world. Oh, and don`t expect him to call or text while on a mission! No time for explanations either! However, if you wait for him quietly, your patience will be rewarded. Expect some drama and big romantic gestures upon his arrival. Your birthday coming up? A box of chocolates and flowers would do for you? Not for Spiderman! He`s all for big romantic gestures!


If you are Wonder Woman, then you should look for your Superman, no doubt about that. But, don`t forget that the guy can be quite tough when he sees something he does not like! Don`t try to trick him or, even worse, cheat! He would never, but never, forgive you for that. On the other hand, if you are straight forward and honest with him, you have all the chances to win his heart.


He`s wealthy, smart, physically strong and very determined. What more could you want from a man? With such a vigilante by your side, no harm and evil power can touch you. His toned physique will attract lots of eyes, but do not worry: Batman is a loyal guy. Once he found love, he would not do anything to jeopardize his happiness.

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