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Why Attractive Girls Like Geeks

Why Attractive Girls Like Geeks

Apparently socially inept, geeks are very cool guys and they attract the likes of very sexy girls. While this might seem weird to you, there are very good reasons for which some attractive girls are into these guys:

Geeks are sweet
Many attractive girls look for sweet and fun guys, and geeks are exactly that. Once you get their sense of humor and understand their passions, you will certainly find them irresistible. They know how to tease a girl in a playful manner, and they are not cocky at all. Although they might seem like this at first sight, their apparent cockiness is just an armor to protect their soft selfless heart.

Geeks are smart
There is no doubt about it: they are not nerds for nothing. They are smart and updated with the current trends, whether this is in gaming, politics or technology. They might not voice their political opinion in public, but this does not mean they don`t have one. Girls often find geek guys attractive because they have what to learn from these smarties.

Geeks are available
Not being a socialite often comes in handy, a nerdy guy being more often available than a trendy one. They will also be more attentive to your needs and less likely to look for another girl while in a relationship.

Geeks know how to fix things
Geeks know their way around technology. You can count on them to fix your computer or to take a look at your music station. They are often interested in taking on some bricolage projects together with you. Doesn`t this sound romantic?

The parents like them
Smart and reliable, geek guys a parent`s dream. Your mother and father will be sure that you are in good hands while dating a nerd. No arguments there!

So, what are you waiting for? You think that nerdy colleague of yours is hot? Asking him out! Don`t wait for him to make the first move as you might just have to wait forever!

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