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Why You Should Date a Geek Girl

Why You Should Date a Geek Girl

The geeky trend is hot right now, but there are still those wondering: why on Earth would a guy rather date a nerdy girl and not a cheerleader? Well, if the arguments behind this choice are not obvious for you, here they come:

Geeky girls are hot, really hot!

Which straight guy would deny that `Hunger Games` Jennifer Lawrence is sexy as hell? Is she geeky too? Of course she is! And the same goes for Olivia Munn! But getting away from Hollywood, just take a closer look next time you meet a nerdy girl: you may get caught up in the diva`s self-confident mist, but don`t ignore the breath of fresh air a nerdy girl brings along!

Geeky girls are smart!

A cheerleader may look hot too, but is she as smart as that nerdy girl whose biggest passion in life are mathematics and computer science? Wouldn`t you rather date someone who`s nice to talk to rather than getting hand-in-hand with an accessory-woman? Instead of putting on a glittering pair of earrings, the geeky girl sparkles from the inside.

Geeky girls have a distinct sense of humor!

It`s said that the sense of humor belongs to intelligent people. With a geeky partner like yourself, you won`t have to spell out a nerdy joke. She will get it on the spot because she`s smart and she gets you!

Geeky girls share and understand your passions!

You won`t hear a geeky girl complaining that you spend a lot of money on the trendiest gadgets. She loves them too! You put tens of hours into leveling up on that cool video game you`ve just bought? Well, she won`t feel neglected because she`s there too, playing against you or teaming up with you! How cool is that?

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